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April 27 – The King Tries To Bribe The Colonists
April 28 – James Monroe  James_Monroe
April 29 Forgotten Founding Father: Oliver Ellsworth



May 2 Leonardo da Vinci
May 3 Washington DC
May 4 Manhattan Island Purchased
May 5 Napoléon Bonaparte
May 6 Babe Ruth and the American Way

BOSTON - 1918. Babe Ruth, Red Sox pitcher, warms up on the sidelines of Boston's Fenway Park in 1918. (Photo by Mark Rucker/Transcendental Graphics, Getty Images)

BOSTON – 1918. Babe Ruth, Red Sox pitcher, warms up on the sidelines of Boston’s Fenway Park in 1918. (Photo by Mark Rucker/Transcendental Graphics, Getty Images)

May 9 William Bradford and Stepping Stones
May 10 Jacques Cartier
May 11 Mexican-American War and Manifest Destiny
May 12 Father Hennepin and Niagara Falls
May 13 Jamestown
May 16 William Seward and the Underground Railroad
May 17 Marquette and Joliet
Marquette DiesMay 18 Marquette Dies
May 19 The First International Peace Conference
May 20 The Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence
May 23 Ben Franklin’s Bifocals
May 24 Morse Code
May 25 Luther Declared an Outlaw
May 26 John Wayne Wayne Mug
May 27 The Struggle for Religious Freedom
May 30 The First Daily Newspaper Published
May 31 The Johnstown Flood


June 1 “Don’t Give Up The Ship!”
June 2 The Quartering Act
June 3 The National Defense Act
NormandyJune 6 Operation Overlord
June 7 Boone Day
June 8 The Bill of Rights
June 9 The Man Who Built America Is Born
June 10 Ben Franklin Shocks The Scientific World
June 13 Lafayette
June 14 Flag Day: The Origin and Meaning of the American Flag
June 15 The Magna Carta
June 16 Adam Smith
June 17 The Louisville Slugger
June 20 The Calverts, Maryland, and Religious Freedom
June 21 Cyrus McCormick and the Reaper Reaper
June 22 Henry Hudson
June 23 Frederick Douglas
June 24 John Cabot

JFK John Barry

JFK John Barry

June 27 John Barry and JFK
June 28 Molly Pitcher
June 29 The Gadsden Purchase and Manifest Destiny
June 30 Taft Appointed Chief Justice


July 1 Lee’s Resolutions
July 4 John Adams and the Rights of All Mankind
Ava and Graham CrackersJuly 5 Sylvester Graham
July 6 The Republican Party and Slavery
July 7 Hawaii, Baseball and the Supreme Court
July 8 Vasco da Gama Wins Race To The East
July 11 Old Man Eloquent
Eisenhower HighwayJuly 12 The Federal Highway Act
July 13 The Northwest Ordinance
July 14 The Crystal Palace and the World’s Fair
July 15 Zebulon Montgomery Pike
July 18 FDR Third Term
NonEstablishment ScholarJuly 19 The Rosetta Stone
July 20 Baseball’s First All-Star Game
July 21 Spanish Armada
July 22 The Sad Story of the White Family
July 25 The Wyoming Territory
July 26 Slavery on the Good Ship Jesus
July 27 Impeachment
July 28 The 14th Amendment Amendment Ava Heart
July 29 First American Martyrs in the Struggle for Freedom
July 30 The Birth of America’s Free Institutions


August 2 Harding and Coolidge
August 3 Chinese Exclusion Act
August 4 Obama Chicago MBAugust 4 Chicago, Civil Rights, and Barack Obama
August 5 Baseball and Radio
August 8 Wrigley Field First Night Game
August 9 The American Presidency
Hoover Humanitarian Oil PaintingAugust 10 Herbert Hoover
August 11 The Sprinkler
August 12 Archery
August 15 The Panama Canal Opens
August 16 The Loop the Loop
August 17 Davy Crockett 
Women's Suffrage_Oil PaintingAugust 18 Women’s Suffrage and the Nineteenth Amendment
August 19 Benjamin Banneker’s Letter to Jefferson
August 21 Lincoln-Douglas Debates
August 23 The State of Franklin
August 24 The Gutenberg Bible and Movable Type
Toilet PaperAugust 25 The National Park Service
August 26 Toilet Paper
August 29 John Locke

August 30 Ted Williams