America’s Story Podcast with Dan Sheridan

Dan Sheridan Do you want to know more about American history but you just don’t have extra time to read? Do you want to learn American History in a fun, non-threatening, free of partisan-bickering way? Do you want the lessons short and sweet? This is for you!

“A nation’s past history governs its present actions but only in terms of what its citizens believe their past history to have been.” Barbara Tuchman

“A nation which does not remember what it was yesterday, does not know what it is today, nor what it is trying to do. We are trying to do a futile thing if we do not know where we came from or what we have been about.”  President Woodrow Wilson

Part 1: Discovery

01 – Introduction
02 – Here Come The Vikings Vikings
03 – Trade Between East And West
04 – Trade Comes To A Halt
05 – The Portuguese Lead the Way
Columbus on the Docks06 – Intellectual and Technological Advances
07 – America, Bad Math, and Play-Doh
08 – Mela, Ptolemy, and Toscanelli the Mapmakers
09 – Columbus’s Two Motives: Money and Religion
10 – A Journey of Fools
11 – The Journey to the New World
Colmbus Lands12 – Columbus Claims the New World for Spain
13 – A Hero’s Welcome
Columbus Death Bed14 – A Villains End
15 – The Story of John and Sebastian Cabot
16 Pinzon, Vespucci and Gama
17 Amerigo Vespucci
18 How America Got Its Name
19 Spanish Discoveries Balboa Pacific
20 Magellan Sails Around The World
21 Meet The Natives
22 Indians West of the Rockies
23 Indians East of the Rockies: Social Order and Religion of the Clan and Tribe
24 The Natives and the Europeans Compared Dwellinge-eastern-native-tribes-and-the-europeans-compared/
25 The Pueblo

26 Review of the Discovery Period

Part 2 Colonization

27 Spanish Settlements Part 1: First Settlements and Slavery
28 Spanish Settlements Part 2: The Adventures of Cabeza de Vaca and Coronado
29 Spanish Settlements Part 3:
30 French Settlement Part 1:
31 French Settlement Part 2:
champlain-and-the-iroquois_oil-painting32 French Settlement Part 3:
33 French Settlement Part 4:
34 French Settlement Part 5:
35 French Settlement Part 6:
36 French Settlement Part 7:
37 French Settlement Part 8:
38 Dutch Settlements
39 Permanent Settlements and Controversial Claims
Hawkins The Good Ship Jesus40 The English Look Back To American: Slavery and Religion
41 The Opening Scene of American History – The Defeat of the Spanish Armada
42 Moves Toward Permanent Settlements
43 America: The Land of Opportunity
44 Raleigh’s Expeditions
John White CROATOAN45 The 45 Perils of the New World
46 The Legacy of Sir Walter Raleigh
47 Bartholomew Gosnold
48 The London and Plymouth Charters
49 Beginning of Jamestown
50 Problems in Jamestown
51 John Smith Saves The Day
52 Starving Time In Jamestown
53 Communism Abolished and Tobacco Established
54 The Fall From Paradise – Beginning of Slavery in America
55 Birth of America’s Free Institutions
56 Kings React To American Freedoms
57 Roundheads vs. Cavaliers
58 The First Martyrs in the Cause of American Freedom
59 The Founding of American Educational Institutions
60 Early Unsuccessful Attempts To Settle New England
61 Puritans and Separatists and the “Sort-Of” Reformation
62 Macaulay’s Description of the Puritans
63 The Struggles of the Pilgrims in the Old World
64 The Mayflower and Beginnings of Self-Government In New England
65 Stepping Stones

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