Daniel Sheridan
Do you want to know more about history but just don’t have extra time to read? Do you want to learn history in a fun, non-threatening way that’s free of partisan-bickering ? Do you want the lessons short and sweet? This site is for you!

For many years Dan has traveled the country teaching classes at public schools, home-school gatherings, political events, Colleges, Churches, conferences, and other public gatherings. Subjects include History, the Constitution, Economics, Law, The Bible, and inspiring characters throughout history. Dan is a writer and radio-show host. Dan has made several TV appearances as well.

Dan’s goal is to inspire people through his podcasts and writings. The way to change the world is to change hearts. DWS

Dan has been married for over 25 years, has four kids, and four adopted kids. The Sheridan household is never dull!

Dan is available to speak at your event. His contact information is below.

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Dan Sheridan
e-mail: dan@sheridanhistory.com
Twitter: @DanielWSheridan
Phone: 224-216-8349

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